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hundreds light candles in memory of a 13-year-old foster child on the same day police arrest a 32-year-old man for her killing. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a bay area community poured out its collective heart tonight for a young girl who's short yet turbulent life came to a violent end one week ago. the vigil for 13-year-old janelle conway allen comes on the same day that police made an arrest for her murder. deborah villalon is live to tell us if that arrest is providing any comfort tonight. >> reporter: it comes one week after janelle conway allen was found in this park. anthony lamar jones, 32 is their sole suspect in the killing of the seventh grader. tonight janelle was remembered in the same spot that he was
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found. >> this place where violence occurred, we're reclaiming as a place of peace. >> reporter: a relief to the phaoupbty -- community, but for her family. >> why, why did this have to happen. >> reporter: a family member who did not know that janelle and her brother had been removed from her home and placed in foster care. >> i would like to say relief but it's not, the pain is too much. we're glad there's an arrest. we're glad he's off the streets he should have never touched
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her to begin with. >> reporter: janelle's foster parents were at the vigil, they said they loved her. at one point plucking her puncture out of the memorial and holding it tight. >> every day she came with a smile. he wanted more for life. she had plans, she had a story. you know how unfair to be taken from that at 13. >> reporter: the vigil ended tonight with some of the janelle's out of town relatives writing messages and releasing balloons. they say janelle was contra costa raised. deborah villalon, ktvu news. 32-year-old anthony jones
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is facing kidnapping with attempt to rape. >> reporter: this evening fbi and fairfield police scene investigators brought dozens of items out of the home believed to be that of a man accused of kill 13-year-old jannelle. in a brief media conference this evening the solano county district attorney announced charges against 32-year-old anthony lamar jones. police say they have evidence tieing him to janelle's death but they're not saying what. >> jones was identified as a suspect early on in this case. since that time he's been under 24 hour surveillance. >> reporter: police arrested jones at 7:00 this morning near a place where a surveillance camera snapped this picture of his alleged victim the day she was reported missing. the owner of a near by convenience store told us police asked for his
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surveillance video too. >> so they asked you for a week's worth of surveillance. >> week, from monday to friday. >> reporter: police made the same surveillance video request at the property where the suspect barber shop business is located. we saw the fbi there today. >> we just saw the police showing up and getting the area all taped off with the guys in their suits. >> reporter: a neighbor told us she had seen jones cutting hair in the garage that she saw police roping off. tonight there are people in fairfield breathing a sigh of relief and shaking their head. >> i feel it's wrong. it's wrong. we have our children around here. it's wrong. it hurts our heart around here. >> reporter: jones will make his first appearance at the county hall of justice on wednesday. noelle walker, ktvu challenge two news. more details now, ktvu asks fairfield police if jones could be connected to the killing of
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a 13-year-old girl in sacramento county last year. jessica capland's body was found in the dug out of a baseball field next to her school. fairfield police say they have contacted sacramento investigators and at this point they cannot rule out a possible connection. happening now, a monster blizzard pounding the north eastern united states. this is a live picture here at time square in new york. we're told that will the worse is yet to come. another concern dangerous roadways. in rhode island i95 is closed to all but essential traffic. and in massachusetts, the governor took a very rare step
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of imposing a ban on driving. >> i asked that people get off the roads starting at noon today. i have now signed an executive order banning vehicle traffic effective at 4:00 today. >> this is video taken tonight in boston. you can see the roads are empty and blanketed with snow. the last vehicle van in massachusetts was 1978. other forms of transportation are also being crippled. airlines have cancelled 3,000 flights today. boston closed its subway and amtrak has suspended some of their service. and this is a live look, we're going to take you there to live conditions as the snow continues to fall. the storm back east is also affecting air travel in the area. this was the scene at san francisco airport. flights to and from boston have been cancelled for tomorrow. we talked to a man who flew in
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from tokyo only to find out his flight to boston had been cancelled. >> they said the best they can do is get me to washington. and then i was on my own if i didn't accept the red eye on sunday night. >> reporter: sfo reported 57 cancellations tonight to the east coast. mineta san jose has two cancellations headed to new york city and oakland airport is reporting one cancelled flight also to new york. icy conditions are also affecting the commute in southern california. at this hour the chp is escorting traffic along i5 over the grapevine. this after both directions of the highway were shut down at 4:00 this afternoon. officers say they decided to shut the roads because the conditions had caused a number of accidents tug the day. now - - accidents during the day. now the the continuing
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coverage of the man search for an expolice officer. the burned pickup belonged to christopher dorner was found there. since then, officers have been going door to door searching 200 cabins but so far there's no sign of him. >> reporter: the possibilities exists that he is here. some where in the forest and so we're going to keep looking at the sheriff said until we determine that he is, he's not here. >> dorner is wanted for shooting aeb -- and killing a young couple on sunday. the ongoing man hunt has law enforcement on edge even here in the bay area. ktvu's patti lee is live in san pablo where police say the situation in southern california will have a lasting effect on those in uniform, patti. >> reporter: this situation affecting police officers
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everywhere. here in san pablo these gates are designed to protect officers from outsider not each other. now the paradigm has shifted. officer turned fugitive christopher dorner may be on the run but he's also on the hunt. >> l.a.p.d. is a specific target. but all law enforcement is targeted. you know this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement. >> reporter: we are learning more about the former l.a. police officer and naval reservist from his ex- girlfriend. he names targets he blames for getting him kicked out of the force. >> i've been in the law enforcement family and i have never seen this happen before. >> reporter: lieutenant jeff
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palmery is monitoring this unprecedented situation which he says will impact all brothers in blue. >> law enforcement is going to have to take a step back and try to figure out why this happened. >> reporter: tonight a bay area psychiatrists tells us this is such a rare situation that there's no patterns to look for. she says, he may be psychotic and he may be evil and that this maybe something he has wanted for a long time. developing news where a caltrain train has struck a pedestrian. caltrain says a southbound commuter train hit the individual near east meadow drive in palo alto. in the past hour, caltrain said trains began moving again but at reduced speed through that area. this by the way is the first fatality on caltrain tracks so far this year. munni and b.a.r.t.
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officials are warning riders about a rise in the theft of personal electronic devices. almost four cell phones were stolen from commuters and b.a.r.t. police report 333 electronic devices were stolen last year more than double the figure in 2010. apple products are the most common targets because of their resale value on the street. shares of mountain view's linked in soared to an average high. revenues surpassed $300 million. outpaces wall street expectations. shares rose to $150 that's three times the ipo price of $75 from yo years ago. the broader market ended the week with a modest rally. the dow rose 48 and nasdaq rose 28. and the s & p rose eight closing at its highest level.
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eric schmidt is about to come into some really big money. schmidt is planning to sell 2.5 million dollars worth of google stock. the months long investigation to catch a bomb plot suspect. another contra costa county restaurant closed. patrons sick, what health officials say was on the plate. >> the areas that could see freezing temperatures and frost this weekend.
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a south bay man is behind bars accused of a massive bomb plot that was foiled thanks to an investigation. the man has been in trouble with the law before. maureen naylor has the story. >> reporter: the accused master mind had been living in an rv outside his father's home here in north san jose. tonight we went through these court documents which revealed the suspected master mind had a lengthy history of mental illness. the san jose man is accused of driving to this oakland bank early this morning with what he thought was a bomb planted in his car. >> that's scary. knowing that i bank here all the time. that's scary. >> reporter: authorities arrested 28-year-old matthew llaneza after he tried to detonate the bomb with a cell phone at the bank. however the bomb was fake.
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he spent months building the device with an undercover agent. >> shocking, to say the least. >> reporter: in san jose there was no sign of anyone at the home where lleneza had lived for a few years with his father but that wasn't the case this morning. >> this morning when i passed by the house and i saw a lot of police and cars -- >> reporter: shocked neighbors read about the arrest online not knowing the alleged bomb maker lived two houses down. >> that's crazy because i have two kids and we walk around here all the time. >> reporter: in 2011 he was arrested for having an ak47 rifle like this one with a high powered magazine. according to court documents the layed off window washer. >> there's a lot of people who want to do this kind of stuff
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that they're dedicated to accomplishing. >> reporter: matthew llaneza is scheduled to be in court on wednesday. he faces life in prison if convicted. live in san jose, maureen naylor. more details on llaneza's arrest in 2011. prosecutors tell us family members had asked for a mental health check. llaneza was sentenced to six years in prison but only served six months in jail. at we posted the entire complaint against llaneza just scroll down and you will see it under the hot topics section. hundreds of protesters converged on the steps of the capital asking lawmakers to help defend their second amendment right. many of those attending today's event were parents who say
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congress should protect their right to bare arms. >> it scares me to think the government will take away my weapons and i'm either left swinging a bat or calling 911. >> reporter: speakers called on law enforcement officials to target criminals with guns saying that law-abiding gun owners shouldn't be punished because of those who break gun laws. new details about the home invasion that killed a wealthy busy man from monte cerreno. it's believed that kumra suffocated after a tape was used to cover his mouth. a young woman fell to her death and alcohol may have been a factor. police were called to the city heights complex on west st. james street shortly before 3:00 this morning.
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police say 24-year-old tamara jennifer todd of san jose fell from an 11th floor balcony. police also say there were no signs of foul play but she may have been intoxicated. todd didn't live in that building. in contra costa county a stake house that was shut down early they are week because of a noro virus outbreak we reopened tonight. john fowler tells us what the restaurant had to do before it was allowed to reopen. officials closed fleming's stake house after noro virus sickened two employees and at least one customer. >> oh my goodness. now that i've gone there i need to go get checked. >> reporter: last week noro virus caused closure of this deli. >> part of the reason why we are closing these restaurants is really for them to be able to take the time to clean the environment. >> reporter: chef armando
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anauiz says in eight years no patron of his has ever been sickened. he says hand wash and existing workers stay home when they're sick is what helps them stay opened. >> things happen, there's germs around. but clean it up and get it reopened it's a good restaurant. >> reporter: health experts say the strain of noro virus circulating now is especially viralent. wash your hands with soap and water that hand sanitizers are not enough. health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. we got some showers showing up in southern california. our system has moved through for now. that system dropped a few light showers early this morning but
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now it's out here. but behind it is a very chilly air. so the really big story tonight is how cold it's going to be tomorrow morning. if you're a golfer, possible delays. if you have a game, a sweater. napa 39, pacifica 34. very chilly morning for your saturday morning. it's going to be cooler on sunday morning. when i come back we'll talk about which day will be the warmest and how cool it'll get in your city. caltrans is alerting drivers about delays as work crews install a new automotive toll system.
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the lane closure is set to continue through monday morning at 5:00 a.m. it's a piece to call your own. how you can contribute a commemorative brick to the 49ers new stadium being built in santa clara. >> the decorations are up. the preparations are under way. we'll show you how the chinese celebrate their new year. a rem ktvu news to go, just download the ktvu app click the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live right on your mobile device. map
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new at 10:00, preparations for the lunar new year are on the way. the year of the snake arrives this sunday and amber lee is here and tell us there are a lot of customs and traditions that have been passed down through generations. >> reporter: this is the busiest time of year for chinese businesses both in san francisco and oakland china towns. while new year's day is two days away, people already put
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up decorations such as this stroll here to welcome in the year of the snake. fresh out of the oven, roast pig is a must have item on the dinner table tomorrow night, new year's eve. along with a whole chicken and other dishes. >> food is always a big deal for chinese. especially for chinese new year because that's the time when we try to get gather the whole entire family. >> reporter: following tomorrow's feast, chinese will try to have a vegetarian new year's day. it's a tradition to clean the home and put out flowers. tang immigrated almost 30 years ago. she says celebrating chinese new year is a way of remembers her homeland. she showed us the red and gold decorations that many chinese
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families now have in their homes. all symbols of fortune, prosperity and health. >> i take both the western and asian culture, i think it's cool to speak our own language, and keep our own culture. my kids are bilingual. >> reporter: family and friends visit each other's homes bearing gifts of sweets and fruit. >> you have coconut and chestnut. they all signify good luck. >> it's bringing culture not only to you know people in the united states, but also our own children. >> reporter: and let's not forget these red envelopes money is placed inside and they're given to children, the elderly and single people and then those born in the year of the snake are said to be thoughtful, wise and clever.
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happy new year, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco's chinese new year's parade is scheduled for two weeks from tomorrow. as always you can watch it right here on channel 2. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. on february 23rd. california wine makers have a reason to toast tonight. the california grape crush report indicates the 2012 wine harvest is the largest to date. it shows tonnage is up 20% from the previous harvest. the report says the wine grape crop was 4 million-tons last year. even though there was little new planting of vines. grapes are the state's third most valuable crop. chipotle is working with an east bay company in an effort to attract vegan customers. it's adding a new vegan burrito. it'll be available at seven bay area restaurants starting tuesday. if you want to help finance the san francisco
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stadium and make a lasting impression, here's your chance. the team is selling commemorative bricks. fans can inscribe their name and messages on the bricks. they will cost between $175 and $375 each depending on the size and length of the inscription. the bricks are expected to go on sale on march 4th. a bounty on sharks. in news of the world the cash offer being made after a number of shark attacks. and more large pictures from the streets of boston. after the break we're going to go there live as one of the biggest snowstorms in years brings the northeast to a standstill.
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we want to bring you an update on that massive winter storm wreaking havoc on the
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northeast. chris welsh joins us live, he's in boston. he brings us more. >> reporter: frank and julie good evening. yeah this storm is really packing a punch. the snow is still coming down that's for sure. the winds are certainly still going strong. and every so often i would say right now we're in a calmer part of the winds. but every so often one of those gusts will come across and just about knock you over. at this point there's half a million people throughout new england that have lost power. an -- and this storm is far from over. hour after hour the snow is piling up from pennsylvania to maine. blanketing the northeast putting millions of americans at risk. >> citizens are listening to the warnings that we're giving and staying home. >> reporter: the worse of the storm is under way and will continue through saturday morning some areas could see 2 feet of snow or more. h hundreds of thousands are already without power. the wet heavy snow could cause
10:33 pm
more downed power lines with excess winds at upwards of 75 miles per hour. >> we hope that tonight and tomorrow you will take the opportunity to stay home with family and friends. >> reporter: governors throughout the region declared states of emergency. for those wanting to leave or return home the frustration is mounting. dozens of cancelled flights have left tens of thousands stranded at airports. the new york is expected to see a foot of snow but with superstorm sandy fresh on the minds of many new yorkers, governor andrew cuomo tried to put this storm in perspective. >> we just went through really horrible storms with superstorm sandy. we're not expecting anything like that. >> reporter: we now have one fatality associated with this storm at this point. we also want to point out at logan international airport in boston, it was reported they saw a gust of wind up to 76
10:34 pm
miles per hour. now that's hurricane force winds. so we're dealing with a pretty big storm here. frank, julie. >> thank you very much from boston now we turn to our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the storm as it pushes through through the northeast, bill. >> this is similar to sandy but it's not near as intense. it's a big storm. they're getting a lot of snow. you have a hurricane wrapped up in that thing. this is a classic nor'easter. it gets its name because it moves in a northeasterly direction. that's the current imagery. let's take a look at the path. as we get close you see right now you have snowfalling up near the connecticut area, you have snow? new - - you have snow in the new york area. right around boston in the northeast side of new york. it's starting to move. one to three feet of snow is possible. watch how quick it's out of there. by tomorrow morning it's gone rapidly. you have a foot, maybe two, maybe three feet of snow in boston.
10:35 pm
in the city itself. it's going to cause a real problem. we already talked about the flight delays. that thing is out of there quick but it's happening right now. when you come back we'll talk about your weekend which is happening right now. a louisiana power company says a faulty twice is what caused a 34 minute outage at the super bowl. a device called a rely was installed to prevent an outage. instead it caused the outage that blacked out half of the superdome says entergy. that device has since been removed. officials say san diego county based capatas mexica is s did not properly maintain their buses. the driver of the bus said the brakes failed. eight people ended up dying in that crash. >> the highway patrol held graduation and swearing in for
10:36 pm
87 new officers. >> and i will never knowingly commit any acts. >> the officers took their oath to receive their batches and will go on a small vacation. when they return they will go to work. the one female officer said she felt a lot of support from her classmates' wives. the class presented youngstrom's widow with a plaque honoring her husband's service. youngstrom graduated in january of 2008. in the nearly two yearlong civil war in demascus, syria's capital has been mostly spared.
10:37 pm
the united nation says 5,000 people a day are now fleeing that country. meanwhile secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. is evaluating new options to try to stop that war. in england it was another step forward for that pakistani teenager malala yuseffei. today she left the hospital. last week she received an implant to restore her hearing. malala was shot close range by the taliban. some residents in brazil are tackling a problem. they're offering money and a basket of food for each shark caught. since the offer went out, several sharks have been caught. most of them bull sharks. a popular game involving nerf guns. coming up in eight minutes why
10:38 pm
one east bay school district is warning students that game may get them in trouble. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin is updating our weekend forecast. he's back with our extended forecast. trouble when you travel, a ktvu investigation into airport security and how much personal property goes missing or gets damaged.
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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there's word tonight that the latest airline merger is almost a done deal now. bloomburg knews says the parent company of american airlines is expected to vote on their merger on monday morning. each parent company has given their approval to that deal. they are hired to keep air travelers safe. but a ktvu investigation reveals tsa investigators may be doing more than just trying to keep passengers safe. >> reporter: you can lose a lot of time at security at airports. at least 130sfo and oakland international passengers reported losing much more. they filed formal claims with the tsa saying valules were damaged or flat out lost. a federal data base we obtained
10:42 pm
exclusively reveals a laundry list of complaints. one passenger reported losing 13,000 in watches. another say said $8,000 worth of claim. another $3,000 in medicine, another an expensive laptop, a set of knives, a set of equipment. one passenger reported damage to the booze in her luggage. >> we've run into problems at checkpoints where people are lifting things like i pads and computers from bags and recently we've seen where tsa people were caught at their homes with the items they stole from people at the airport. >> reporter: including in florida with a passenger's i pad recently turned up in a tsa
10:43 pm
officers home. we noticed some interesting trends. so many people reporting missing digital cameras, i pads, jewelry and clothes. but so little of them are getting reimbursed. tsa cut about $4,000 in reimbursement checks. four. the agency has an online claims process and we're told it has investigators on staff too but the numbers indicate if your stuff gets lost at sfo or oakland international it's hard to prove your case or get a check. scott macfarland. travel experts recommend not checking in valuables and
10:44 pm
keeping them in sight. president obama paid tribute to panetta. panetta says one of the biggest honors was leaving the white house after the president announced that osama bin laden was dead. >> i could hear the chants from people gathered around the white house and in lafayette park yelling usa, usa. >> panetta plans to stay on until his successor is confirmed then return to his farm. kids with nerf guns playing a game of assassins. >> it's a way to unwind. >> reporter: why one bay area school says it's dangerous and
10:45 pm
it wants it stopped. >> tim lincecum has a new do. and what he says did not inspire this look. >> and i will have what you can expect in the weekend forecast.
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in san jose a suspect who escaped police custody is back behind bars. 32-year-old anthony sanchez slipped his cuffs from the back to the front while in a police. sanchez made his way to the drive's seat and sped off while the officer was doing paper work outside. they found sanchez late last night sleeping in a stolen pickup truck in south san jose. he now faces several charges including auto theft on top of that original probation violation. it is a game that has become popular among teenagers
10:48 pm
but the friendly competition can be mistaken for something for serious. >> reporter: this you tube video gives you an idea of the nerf gun assassins competition. but officials with the unified school district sent an e-mail to parents saying the competition may be getting dangerous and is not sanctioned by the school district. >> they're getting in their cars and they're speeding through traffic and they're chasing each other and these kinds of things. that's just dangerous behavior. >> reporter: officials say some students are dressing in black ninja style clothes and painting their guns black. yesterday sheriff deputies received an alarmed call from an elementary school not knowing it was a game. >> a teacher and there were a few young students around too saw somebody dressed all in black with what this teacher said looked like a gun. >> i don't think it should be done at all. >> reporter: because? >> because it's dangerous, somebody is going to get hurt
10:49 pm
one day. >> reporter: you plan on stopping now? >> i don't think any harm has come to anybody so i don't see any reason why. >> reporter: some students we spoke to say the adults are overreacting and there's rules against painting the guns black or firing from cars. >> it's a way to unwind especially with the stresses of high school. >> there's some who take it to another level and that's when we feel we need to respond. >> reporter: the school district is suggesting parents discourage their kids from participating in the assassins competition. in danville, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. california's controversial rule governing fire retardant in furniture and items for children has been banned. those changes would do away with fire retardants some
10:50 pm
people say can cause cancer. >> we at the center for environmental health and others are going to be able to work collaborately. >> the proposed rule is subject to a 45 day day comment rule. the rule then needs approval from the state office of administrative law before it can take effect. the giants teaming up with the city for a trash program. mayor ed lee spent the afternoon launching a new campaign it's called giant sweep. the privately funded project include stepped up trash collection and anti litter ad campaign. it also encourages students to help clean up their communities. >> it's easy to look away when someone throws something away. it's easy to look away. but i tell you what i've been in a lot of cities, i've played
10:51 pm
baseball all over the country. san francisco is one of the most beautiful places i've ever been in my life. >> several city wide clean up events will take place tomorrow as part of that campaign. >> pop open a cold one and rejoice. how you can celebrate and taste all things beer. but up first, weather is next. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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the cold air has settled in over the top of us. it's going to be a cold day today and a mild one tomorrow. i can ill illustrate the cold air. the swells are going to be along ocean beach in pacifica. we've been doing stories about people losing their dogs or getting stuck in rip currents. think about that as you head out the coast. saturday and sunday are going to be outstanding days. you just want to make sure you're going to be warm when
10:55 pm
you get there. cold both saturday and sunday morning. this low pressure center there is the culprit. this high pressure keeps up dry but this low keeps the cold air coming. so what is this weekend going to be like? it's going to be great. like today but even a little warmer so a nice looking bay area week weekend as we go into your saturday and sunday. you're going to see the computer model just keeps us clear. so that's saturday morning, no fog even. saturday afternoon, sunday morning right. so it's just a real nice looking 20 or 48 hour period. with that said we're not looking at any rain not just in this five day but in the next five day as well. here's the five day forecast coming up as well right after we look at some numbers. these are the highs for tomorrow. so you're looking at lots of upper 50s and low 60s as you look down toward the monterey bay. you can see that it's dry. i guess that's -- it's going to be cold in the morning. you will notice. >> beautiful tonight too. >> i'm not a golfer but they
10:56 pm
hate the frost delays, it backs up the links for the whole day. >> all right, thank you bill. roll out the barrel. san francisco beer week kicked off tonight almost 80 brewers taking place in the celebration that lasts through february 15th. during this 10 day festival there will be over 40 # beer related events throughout the bay area. tonight's kick off took place at the concourse exhibit center. >> all right, mark joins us now. things have been a little rough lately for the warriors. >> how about the whole bay area since the super bowl. we haven't had one of our proteams win. sharks, warriors, 49ers. somebody has to break it out. weather or not it's just a little glitch or frightened trend. the road just got real rough for the warriors. three straight losses now for golden state. they did have boget on the line
10:57 pm
up it didn't matter for ok. curry wound up with 32 points. and nicely done on the give and go right there. curry leading everybody with 32. fourthquarter though, gasol was the difference maker. he's got the hook from just outside the lane. words didn't have anybody to contend with him inside or apparently outside as he pops from there to lead memphis with 20, 99-93. it's not going to help lower his era, but fans are going to get a whole new look from tim lincecum tomorrow. he's going anti samsung effect as the last time we saw tim lincecum he was helping to nail down the world series. his locks flowing as usual but over the offseason, he had a lowering of the ears and a new
10:58 pm
sign of specks. >> like a computer engineer. >> i was not going for that. >> you have oracle or google going look going for you. >> well i don't have all the answers. i look back at it taking it as it was for what it was. at the time i was just trying to help the team. this year the a little different. i'm hoping to get back on the horse and being the center attention again and regaining my position as a good one. and coach harbaugh with his partner jason day. here's your shot of the day. hunter mayhan one of the coleaders yesterday from mind a tree on 15 leaves him about 5- foot shy of the birdie which would ensue. he's tied for third behind the leaders. this time at cal it's all about the women. routine cruise for the bears.
10:59 pm
britney boyd looking good showing the way. she had 11. stanford by the way also a big victor over arizona 73 to 43. thank goodness for the college kids around here -- 73-43. that's the sporting life for a friday night. just a rough road trip for the warriors and sharks. >> they started off very well. >> they'll be all right. >> thank you, mark. thank you for joining ktvu news. >> mornings on 2 begins at 7:00 a.m. they'll be monitoring that massive search for the former l.a. police officer. and we're also going to have the latest on the storm that's pounding the northeast. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Ktvu 13, Boston 10, San Francisco 6, Janelle 6, Us 6, Tsa 5, Oakland 4, New York 4, Panetta 3, Southern California 3, California 3, Fairfield 3, Sacramento 2, San Pablo 2, Massachusetts 2, Janelle Conway Allen 2, Deborah Villalon 2, Anthony Lamar Jones 2, Matthew Llaneza 2, Superstorm Sandy 2
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